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Meet the staff

Meet Lisa Overocker


Hi!  My name is Lisa Overocker.  I am the owner of Gentle Hands K-9 Boutique and the founder of Paws Crossed Thrift Store, Inc. in Wichita Kansas.  Animals have been my life since I could walk.  I have over 30 years experience with domestic, farm, exotic and wildlife animals.  I am not only a business owner, I am also a pet sitter, dog walker, microchipper, and pet nail expert.  I use gentle techniques to help animals that have been through stressful situations and do not like to have their nails done.  I have hundreds of references and treat your animals as if they are my own.  I have  a lot of experience but I also know that every animal is an individual and you know your babies better than anyone so I follow your lead on your babies' care. I can't wait to meet you and your babies!!

Meet Meghan Karr


Meghan started grooming in October 2007.  She has 4 dogs of her own including 2 Bullies and 2 Dachshunds.  Her favorite breed is pit bull / bullies.  Her favorite thing about grooming is the love and appreciation the dogs show after they are done and feel great after their spa treatment.  Her least favorite thing about grooming is not being able to finish grooming a dog because of the stress level of the dog, which we do our best to avoid. We are so happy to have Meghan as part of our team and can not wait for you to meet her!  Call to schedule your appointment with Meghan today!

Meet Angel Overocker


 Angel is a spunky 21 year old that has been around animals her entire life.  As you can tell by her last name, yes this is Lisa's daughter!  She has experience with farm, domestic, wildlife and exotic animals; including bottle feeding babies.  She loves to be out in the country and will pet sit farms any day!  This girl is also an amazing dog walker!  She is also a dog bather and learning to be a groomer some day.  Angel also helps in animal rescue, especially in reptiles.  If you see her in the shop, be sure to say hello!!  If you need a simple groom on your dog (not hair cuts), call and schedule your appointment with Angel today!

Meet Denise Lowry


Denise has three dogs of her own, including two Anatolian Shepherds, and a yellow lab.  She is a good friend of Lisa's and is around here and there to lend a hand where needed.  Denise's passion for animals is no secret and her knowledge about them is impressive!  Denise helps in the boutique, but she volunteers in the thrift store (Paws Crossed Thrift Store, Inc.) that is next door to the boutique and also helps aid in disaster relief for pets.   If she is here when you come in, be sure to say hello!

Meet Mark


Hi!  My name is Mark Overocker.  I am the husband of Lisa Overocker (the owner).  I am Lisa's biggest fan and supporter.  I am also the maintenance man for the shop.  I love to help my wife as much as I can when I'm not working at my job as a welding inspector.  I love to see the success of all Lisa's hard work and passion.  She's the best at what she does!  Love you baby!

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