Welcome to our dog walking page

Our rates for dog walking is a minimum of $15 per half hour for up to two dogs from the same household.  Each additional dog after that is an additional $10 but must be from the same household.  We do not mix dogs from different households unless the dogs are used to each other and then the fees are separate for each household.  For example, we walk 3 dogs from two different households, for a total of 6 (our limit is 6 if they are all well behaved).  Each household would pay $15 (for the first two) and $10 for the third for a total of $35 per walk.

Our dog walkers are experienced but we do not walk aggressive dogs for their safety and ours.  Too many things can happen.  If your dog is aggressive and you would like to have your dog walked, consider working with a professional dog trainer first.

We offer daily rates as well as weekly rates.  We walk dogs in the mornings, for those lunch breaks, and in the evenings as well.

Call ahead of time to schedule your free meet and greet to see if we are a good fit for your fur baby.