Microchip $39.95 includes lifetime registration and updates

Why should I microchip my dog?

First of all a microchip is a tiny computer chip that is programmed with a unique code / number and is inserted just under the skin of an animal, just like a vaccination would be done.  The microchip itself is as small as a grain of rice.  It is something that most animals don't mind, but some will react briefly like they do for a vaccination, but it takes only a few seconds. 

Microchipping your animal helps in the safety of their return if they were to ever get lost.  The only way this is effective is if you register your pet's microchip number with the microchip company so they can reach your if someone were to find your pet and scan them for a chip.  If you do not register the chip, it is 100% worthless and will do nothing to help reunite your pet with you.  Statistically 58% of microchips have not been registered, which is heartbreaking.  If you are going to go through the trouble of getting your pet mircochipped, take the five minutes it takes to register it and you are done. 

Too many times, in our boutique we have people bring found fur babies to us to have them scanned for a chip and we do not find one, or we find one and they are not registered.  This does not happen all the time and we have reunited many dogs and cats back to their owners and it is heartwarming.  We just wish this would happen more often.  

Those of you who say that your fur baby is always with you really needs to read this paragraph.  This is the harsh reality of showing that things can happen even if they are with you.  Disasters such as a house fire, tornado, etc. separate owners from the pets all the time.  When disasters strike, rescues and other organizations volunteer their time and try to help reunite them, but the first thing that each and every one of them do is to scan them for a microchip.  If the animal has a  microchip that is registered, it is an easy answer to who the animal belongs to.  If the animal is not chipped, it is hard telling where the animal may end up and you are not guaranteed to get the animal back.  Do you travel with your fur baby?  God forbid you end up in a car accident, it is hard telling what will happen to your fur baby.  Here is the reality of it...  If you get into an accident and your fur baby runs away because he/she is traumatized, you have a better chance of someone finding you if they have the chip to go by.  Also, if you fur baby ends up at the shelter, they will scan it for a chip and contact you.  If your fur baby ends up at the shelter and does not have a chip, you have exactly three days to claim your baby and if not, your baby's fate is in the hands of the shelter workers that are overwhelmed with animals daily.  And again, worse case, you end up in the hospital for more than three days and you have no idea that your baby is in the shelter and there is no chip, if your baby isn't euthanized, you have to adopt your own fur baby back from them (if it's possible).  

Microchipping can save lives and has been proven to do so time and time again.  It is a definitive way to prove ownership of an animal in the cases of lost and/or stolen animals.  It is a very small investment for the safety and well-being of your precious fur baby.

Our rates for microchipping is $39.95 and that includes lifetime registration, updates and transfers.  It is very easy to register and we will help you if you need help in getting that done.  Check our facebook page for any microchip specials we may be running and make your appointment today!!